I’m a 26 years-old French software engineer living in Grenoble (French Alps).

I created my first websites in 2008 (i.e. the age of Dinosaurs at Internet time scale). Back in the time, I was so proud of making “Web 2.0” with hacky framework-less PHP and jQuery.

I’ve worked as a full stack developper in different companies since I graduated engineering school in 2015.

I’m now focused on serverless architectures, using mainly typescript in both front-end and back-end worlds. I also dove in DevOps universe and learnt modern techniques to ship code faster and in a more reliable way.

My current employer is a human-sized IT services company called Neoxia.

I feel pretty happy here and they are hiring. So I recommand you to apply if you are looking for a position as software or DevOps engineer.